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The A58A Audio Equalizer

The A58A Audio Equalizer by Skibbe Electronics, is a 3 band semi-parametric eq that is an exact recreation of the Flickinger A58 equalizer. Originally made for Parliament/Funkadelic, and used in their United Sound recording studio in Detroit, the A58 is a much sought after equalizer that can be heard on many legendary recordings from the 60’s and 70’s.

Skibbe Electronics set out to capture the exact sound of the original by using authentic components and using original circuitry even when a modern upgrade was available. The  A58A equalizer features 3 fully sweepable EQ bands giving complete control over the audio spectrum. The low frequency range sweeps from 50 to 500 Hz, the mid-band is sweepable between 300 Hz and 3000 Hz, and the upper-band sweeps 1.5 kHz to 15 kHz. All frequencies are selected by rotating the bottom knob of the corresponding concentric potentiometer. The top knob is the cut and boost of each frequency band. A total of 20 dB of either cut or boost is available on each band to contour the sound of any instrument or voice.

In addition to the frequency sweeps, the A58A allows for a peak or shelf “Q” setting of the upper and lower bands (engaged through two push buttons on the face plate). The shelf setting allows for high and low pass adjustments and broad EQ cuts and boosts. The peak setting (buttons in) allows for “zeroing in” on a problematic frequency by reducing the “Q” or “bell “ of the equalization curve. In addition to these functions an EQ in/out button allows for total bypass of the circuit. This function is useful for on the spot comparisons of equalized program material with the original unaltered material. The faceplate of the Skibbe Electronics A58A equalizer is milled from high quality aircraft aluminum, and custom engraved for long life.